Muji pen

I am a pen aficionado. I love a good pen.

In fact, a close friend of mine gifted me a beautiful Mont Blanc pen on my 30th birthday and told me to use it to sign very important things. I do.

But one day a few years ago as I was walking along the streets of SoHo in NYC, I came across a store called Muji, a Japanese lifestyle store. When I walked in, my heart skipped a beat as I saw a huge, rainbow display of PENS. Thankfully there was comfortable seating, and Chad sat down for a long, long, very long time while I tested each pen. I judged ruthlessly; its color, feeling, weight, how it wrote, and tip size. I wasn’t the only one. If you saw it from far away, you’d think they were giving away free food – everyone huddles around it to test the pens. I was standing next to a girl who told me she was an architect and that everyone in her firm ONLY use Miju pens. I can see why.

Love at first write

The second I wrote with my first gel-ink Muji pen, it was almost magical. They glide easily, and the thin tip (my preference is 0.38 or 0.25) helps refine my writing. The colours are beautiful and the pens, surprisingly, are quite inexpensive. Plus, unlike many gel pens, they didn’t leave streaks behind when your hand wipes over what you’ve just written. The ink went right into the paper, thank you very much. Writing was such a joy with these! So, I stocked up. I came home with about 12 pens in various colours (standard black and blue, navy, pink, orange, red-pink, light blue, green, purple (duh)…). They were wrapped in a little brown paper bag and taped closed with thin Muji tape – it was a completely pleasurable buying experience.

I’m so famous

Why are these pens universally famous? Well, they use a type of ink which is designed to reduce bleeding on paper, and the pens are designed with a mechanism to prevent ink from flowing in the wrong direction, which is what creates those breaks in your writing. So, no spotty notes. It’s also lightweight and easy to write with. They have styles which are rounded and hexagon, capped or clickable, so depending on your preference and what feels better for your grip, you can choose a style that suits you.  I’m quite happy with the minimal design, array of vibrant colours and longevity.


Bye, Felicia pens

In fact, when I got home from that one trip to New York, I got rid of all of the pens I’ve had for years, pens I’ve collected and loved, and replaced them with my new Muji beauties as replacements. I’ve also made it an office rule that no one can steal my pens (I’ll know who took it!). Whenever I introduce someone to these pens, 90% of the time they’ll immediately head out and buy them (we thankfully now have Muji stores here in Toronto).

Paging Dr. Muji

Funny story, I was in the ER last spring and really freaked out about my looming emergency medical issue (I’m fine, thanks). A young doctor came in and started to ask me questions and began taking notes. He takes out a black Muji pen. I stop him. Excuse me, is that a Muji pen? I asked point blank, completely forgetting if even for a moment, about my scary issue. Yes, he said. Then, we started chatting about the wonders of Muji pens. Funnily, it was a bonding moment. It’s good to have friends in high places – I got great attention that day. After our brief pen discussion, we got back to my problemo, and eventually I got myself out of there safe and sound.

So, if you are picky about what you write with (if you even write anymore :/), try a Muji pen, you might just find it to be the most wonderful pen you’ve ever written with (aside from, *maybe*, a Mont Blanc).