Air travel =❤️/🙄.

Let me start by saying that I realize how fortunate I am to even complain about being uncomfortable when flying. I actually love air travel – except for when flights are delayed or screaming babies or sick people are situated right by me. So let me be clear: this isn’t a gripey post, it’s one designed to make flying even more enjoyable and comfortable.

While it is a miracle that we can fly, being on a plane can lack in comfort. If you’re doing a flight longer than an hour, something seemingly small (cold feet!) can snowball into the most annoying thing you’ve ever had to deal with in your entire life. And you can’t do anything about it because you’re on a plane, in the sky, away from your special things.

I’ve done my fair share of air travel and have found that a few staples make it significantly better. Packing these few items will make any flight more comfortable.

Something pretty for the eyes:

An eye mask isn’t just for the spa. These are critical for catching some much needed Zs or just to black out the light from an inconsiderate neighbor. Consider it a classy form of sensory deprivation.

Something sweet for the ears

Whether it’s a fussy child or a loud chewer or bag-rustler of a neighbor, planes can get noisy, they’re a microcosm of humanity’s most annoying traits. I swear by a pair of earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones (when they’re allowed, of course).

Something warm for the feet

Shoes, after a while, can get uncomfortable on a plane. I like to sometimes sit cross-legged (sorry, neighbor), or move my legs around and shoes can get in the way. Plus, feet swell while flying. So I pack a nice cozy pair of socks, big thick ones, and this helps keep me both warm and comfortable.

Something comfy for my body

A blanket scarf does the trick. I wear it on the plane, even in hot weather, so that I don’t have to take up valuable packing space. It’s perfect as a blanket, a scarf, a pillow, you name it. Blanket scarfs are where it’s at.

Something clean for the hands

I don’t always feel great about the quality of my hand washes in a lavatory, or the cleanliness of my seat back tray. A quick swipe of these areas with a disposable alcohol wipe means I don’t have to sweat airplane germs getting up in my business. After all, I’m a hungry flier.

Try this little plane care kit the next time you travel, I am certain you’ll feel like a more happy and comfortable version of yourself! Bon voyage