It can be easy to hoard purses, hello, I have a lot of experience with this.

While I own (and consequently store) a lot of bags, over the years, I’ve found that I end up favoring a few bags and changing them out as necessity warrants. While I certainly do fantasize about my girl crush, @UpCloseandStylish’s purse collection, the reality is, I don’t have a billionaire’s budget. Here are the four I keep going to. It’s greatly helped me reduce clutter and think twice about what I’m buying.

Purse One: The Work Bag

This big, sturdy bag, is designed to port items from home to work (or school) and back, while looking stylish and sleek. I tend to favor a sturdy leather bag with a wide base for this with trustworthy handles that won’t stretch out on me. Toss your wallet in, and this is your go-to 9-5 bag. I like a larger wallet which is easier to find and can be taken along for quick lunches without having to drag the entire bag with me.

Purse Two: The Everyday Purse

This is the purse I’d use after work and on weekend days. Perfect for casual evenings out or shopping excursions. A simple design and cross body style make this bag work with many outfits and easy to carry when clearly, I have more items to be toting along in my hands. I like a smaller bag; this was a hard transition at first because I wanted to fit everything in there, but after downsizing, I realized that I had a few necessities and have had an easier time (read: no sore shoulder) carrying things around since. I’ve found small containers where I can store shea butter (carrying moisturizer around with me a must), as well as a small card wallet for the basic cards and cash. I’ve also moved my loyalty cards onto my smartphone which greatly reduced the size of my wallet.

Purse Three: The Trendy Bag

It’s great to have a trendy bag, clearly! Something that can be swapped out for your everyday purse to punch up an outfit and screams Karlie Kloss without the supermodel price tag. These tend to go out of style within the year, so be prepared to move away from it – consider selling online or donating to a younger lady in your life. This is a great bag to experiment with color, studs, and fringe.

Purse Four: The Clutch

For those glamorous evenings out (which for me, are basically weddings at this point), where any other bag won’t do. The bag should be large enough to fit a phone, some lip products, ID and gum. Also, look for a clutch in a safe color (black is my go-to), which doesn’t have anything too scratchy adorned onto it. I’ve had pretty clutches ruin my delicate evening wear.
And there you have it, the four purses you need. I find this makes the ‘what purse do I wear today’ decision a lot easier. Plus, it gives me free reign to really invest in a bag, because I know quality bags last, and if I love them, I’ll wear them until they break (and even then, I may try to get it repaired!). When you’re done with a bag, give it away and treat yourself to something pretty! Think you’re up for the challenge of cutting it down to just four bags?