Moroccan Red Clay

Self-care has become very important to me. I put so much energy into making sure my home looks good, and my work is doing well, that sometimes I forget to take care of me. That’s why once a week I treat my self to something.

Nothing big, I’m not spending a lot of money, but I take some time that is just to make myself feel good. One of my go to ways to treat myself is with a face mask. Think about it, you have no choice but to take some time for yourself when you have a face mask on. You can’t answer a call or run an errand when you’re covered in gunk. So take a deep breath, sit, and relax. Treat yourself to a moment of stillness.

The face mask that has made all the difference for me is red clay. Mine is from Fig and Yarrow, but the benefits of red clay are about the same from brand to brand (as long as the brand contains real red clay, and is Paraben free). I know charcoal is all the rage right now when it comes to masks, but when I tried charcoal I found it actually clogged my pores. I looked like I was covered in black heads, and spent an annoying amount of time scrubbing the black clay out. It’s also been shown that most clay masks only deal with surface level issues. Yes they remove the top of your blackheads, but there is still dirt just below the surface, so that black head will return with vengeance. That means I’d rather use a face mask that does more than exfoliate or remove black heads, I want one that enriches my skin. That’s where red clay comes in.

Enriching, Moisturizing and Soothing

The basic benefit of any clay mask is that it soothes the skin and absorbs excess oils. So what makes red clay so great? The secret of the clay is the very reason that it is red. It is chalk full of iron. That’s what gives it the red hue. Iron is great for strengthening the skin and purifying it. A dose of iron vitamins can increase your hemoglobin, giving your skin better color – now imagine applying that vitamin straight to your skin!

Along with providing better color, red clay is going to exfoliate your skin, and help balance out skin that is very dry or very oily. Clay essentially works in three stages. The first, wet clay phase is when your skin absorbs the beneficial minerals. Then as the clay dries, cools and contracts, it draws out excess oils. The final stage is when the clay is completely dry.

As you wash off the dry clay, that’s when the exfoliating happens. The combination of absorbing oil and exfoliating is dynamite. I noticed a distinct difference in my skins texture after using red clay.

I use pre made clay masks because they are easy. Just spread it on your cleansed face, leave it for 10 – 15 minutes (or until the clay is almost – but not quite – dry) and then rinse off. You can also buy red clay in more pure forms that you mix with a liquid yourself (like coconut oil).

Whatever brand you choose, let me know what you think. Most importantly, take some time to relax this week, even for 15 minutes, without worrying about anything except you.