White sneakers are a favourite trend of mine right now cause, hello, who doesn’t love comfortable fashion? I can walk miles while shopping (definitely required) I’ve worn them to meetings, and even with a dress. Frankly, because they are pretty and comfortable, my money is on the trend being a long-term one. Like leggings and athlesiure in general (hi there, Kit and Ace), as soon as fashion becomes comfortable, I jump on board.

The ONLY way they look cute though, is if they’re fresh and clean. That crisp, fresh-out-of-the-box look is part of the deal. After getting a nice copper and white pair of Stan Smiths, I knew I needed a solution. Thankfully, I’ve found just about the easiest way to clean these shoes and I’ve got to say, apart from the area where my ankles rub together when I walk, my shoes look brand new.

There are so many tips for cleaning white shoes, on the Internet. It’s actually overwhelming and who are u supposed to believe? Plus, most websites give you about ten options to pick from, without telling you which is the best. My cleaning strategy has been tested on my own stuff and it always works for me. Best of all is doesn’t require any harsh cleaning products.

The Trick

Toothpaste. That’s right – to keep your sneakers pearly white all you need is plain white toothpaste (any brand is fine so long as it is not a gel or foam, the cheaper the better) and an old but clean toothbrush.

First, take the laces out of your sneakers. This will help you reach all the hard places. (Bonus points: machine wash your laces in a delicates bag the next time you run a load of whites. Gorgeous!)

Dry Dust

Take your dry toothbrush and brush away off any dust, dry dirt, or large chunks. This just makes cleaning easier, you’ve got less to remove when wet. I find it easiest to put one hand inside the shoe while I do this, the other hand wielding the toothbrush.

A Drop of Toothpaste

Now that you’ve dry dusted the shoes, dampen the toothbrush and place a pea-sized drop of toothpaste on it, like you normally would for brushing your teeth.

Work Your Way Around

Now, work your way around the tops, sides and bottoms of each shoe, only cleaning the areas that need it (spot cleaning) and rinsing away the foam and dirt with a clean, wet cloth. Brush gently so that you don’t ruin leather. I like to do this on my kitchen floor over an old towel to contain the mess. This is a very exciting activity, you see your shoes becoming clean and might even feel like you’re starring in your own infomercial (see how clean this half is compared to that one? Wow!).

Scrub Until Clean

You should keep scrubbing and applying more toothpaste as needed.

The best part about using a toothbrush is you can get into all the nooks and crannies, this works especially well for the rubber soles of your shoes.  When done, give your shoes a final wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and buff them dry. Replace laces and wow, your shoes are looking so fresh and so clean, clean.  (We should get a GIF of Outkast for this. That was a huge song for them. Tell me you know it!)

Bonus Tip – Did you buy yourself a snazzy new pair of white sneakers just to find they give you blisters? Not only are blisters incredibly uncomfortable, but sometimes they are so bad you end up bleeding on your shoes. Talk about adding salt (or stain) to the wound. Well if you want to get blood out of shoes, the important thing is to run it under cold, not hot, water. Then add cornstarch and scrub with a toothbrush. You may also want to stretch out those shoes to avoid further injury link.

I hope this tip helps you out, and eases a bit of that white shoe stress. I am sure this has given you a whole new impression of pearly whites!  Share this tip with a white shoe- wearing friend!