Did you know that even if a nail salon looks clean, it might not be?

Bacteria and fungi lurk everywhere. A nasty infection can land you in the hospital on an IV drip of antibiotics and a scary infection. Make sure your nail salon does the following before ever sitting down on one of those massage chairs.

Sanitizes All the Things

The mesh screens and plastic tubing in the jets of the massage chairs can trap bacteria. A cursory wipe down of the tub isn’t sufficient, the nasty stuff lurks where you can’t see it. The salon needs to flush the entire system with an appropriate cleaner in order for it to be considered clean. Also, are they using proper techniques to sterilize metal tools? Tools should all be treated in an autoclave before being used on a new client.

Uses Fresh Buffers and Files on Each Client

Fungus is cunning: it is airborne, lives long, and can survive heat and cold. It’s very hard to get rid of and is very transferrable. You don’t want fungus on you and you can easily pick it up at a nail salon. To prevent this they should be using fresh tools on each client, unless they are metal tools that can be sterilized. This will be easy to tell as well. How used does the file look? If you want them to be sure they open a fresh one for you, just ask them to do it in front of you. Most places (and sanitary places) will be happy too.

No Bare Feet Allowed

Foot fungus and warts can be transferred by bare feet walking to and fro around the salon. Feet should always be in sandals, consider bringing your own to avoid disposable ones which are highly wasteful.

While manicures seem like they shouldn’t be too expensive, paying more for a cleaner facility seems pretty worth it in my eyes. How can you find out if the place does all of the above? Just ask. If they don’t have an answer or don’t seem confident in what they say – trust your gut. There are plenty of spas and salons out there, no need to go to one that doesn’t meet your standards.