As you probably know by now, I am all about finding balance in life. As much as I am a businesswoman with multiple projects on the go at all times, I make sure to find time to relax and entertain myself.

My brain needs time to be passive and think about other things (and let’s be honest, a distraction never hurts). Plus, when I am not working, I like to find different ways to enjoy my downtime that not only allow me to see new things and visit new places, but also meet new people and open my mind to new experiences. Because ideas, relationship and creativity can be sparked just about anywhere, I am always on the lookout for shows, podcasts, audiobooks, magazines, art, classes, beautiful objects, and events that will keep me current, connected and inspired.

While it’s not always beautiful (I do have a soft spot for gritty, true crime podcasts and prison shows), I want to share with you what I find interesting and inspiring each week, and I want to hear from you as well on your findings and experiences that get you inspired and flowing.

So what have I been into lately?

Looking At

Phillipe Bertho. Bertho is a French trained artist who mixes starkly different artistic styles together. His paintings are so unique I could stare at them for hours, noticing new things every time. Chad and I just bought two of his pieces while we were in San Diego. We fell in love with them five years ago when we first visited and told ourselves that when we could afford it, we’d get a piece. We walked into the same gallery on a recent trip and saw his pieces were on sale, so we bought two (I guess you could call it BOGO) and couldn’t be happier. Check out his stuff here


I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Yes, I’m a little behind because most people binge Netflix shows the first week they come out, but hey, I’m a busy gal! It’s become the most streamed show on Netflix, ever. If you too are a busy person and haven’t heard of the show, it’s about why a high school student named Hannah Baker chose to kill herself. I won’t give too much away, but it reminded me of how hard high school can be and brought back some painful memories of when I was treated less than kindly by others. It’s a reminder to be a positive role model to younger people and let them know that this too shall pass, and offer up support  (if they’ll take it) and keep an eye out for their wellbeing. When in high school, that’s all we know and it feels like the rest of our life is going to be an extension of high school. It always gets better…my life is about 50 times better than it was in high school. It’s a matter of helping high school students get through this time in their lives with support and attention.

The show has stirred up a lot of controversy, which is bound to happen when approaching a burning topic like bullying. I’m happy the topic of mental health is being addressed straight on, and the with a second season on its way I’m sure they’ll be even more to talk about.

Listening To

You might already know how much I love podcasts and audiobooks, and if you didn’t, well, you do now. I can listen to them while cooking, driving, doing makeup, or cleaning and they help me stay mentally stimulated and entertained while doing something routine. I particularly enjoy listening to business books for that reason, because they teach me new things that I can apply to my companies. I am a lifelong learner! Lately I’m into a business book that is right up my alley. A YouTuber friend of mine, Antonio from Real Men Real Style, recommended ‘Built to Sell’ by John Warrilow. It’s a story about fictitious business owner Alex Stapleton and his journey to create a sustainable, profitable business that can run without him. I was told it was a newer, better version of the famed E-Myth (one of my all-time favourite books). If you dig business books, I highly recommend it!