Time for another instalment of Look Watch Listen, and all things I’m obsessed with this week. You guys gave me great ideas in the last post and now, thanks to you beautiful people, my to-look/watch/listen list has practically doubled. Who’s selling more time?

Please keep letting me know what you are excited about right now, and check out my current fascinations below.

Looking At

DIY Mushroom Growing Kits 

You’ve got to buy these in your country of origin, or else I would have purchased mine from Far West Fungi, which is located inside the San Francisco Ferry Building http://www.farwestfungi.com. Oh my goodness, they had mushrooms growing under bell jars, I nearly fainted. I love mushrooms, and this instantly inspired me to investigate how I can grow my own (aside from the ones that grew among the weeds in my front yard…I’m thinking #notsafe). I’ll be placing my order for a Hen of the Woods kit very soon. Apparently, once ‘planted’ these take 6-12 months to grow and will keep coming back and producing mushrooms (which are a fortune) year after year. I will keep you posted!


Orange is the New Black

OITNB YES. Honestly why do these ladies wait so long to put out a new season? I love this show so much – aside from my enjoyment of prison shows, I find the character development and storytelling wonderful, the characters are oddly loveable (at times), and it perfectly exemplifies a dramadey (drama-comedy). I’ve laughed at characters and laughed with them. And I always want to know what happens next. I never want the episode to end, that’s the hallmark of a great show. I won’t give any indications or spoilers, but we were left with a real cliff-hanger at the end of the last season and getting back into it and seeing what happened was definitely exciting (more so than I’d like to admit…). The new season just came out on Netflix! Check the show out if you haven’t yet.

Listening Too

Snap Judgement

I love podcasts. Half my conversations start with ‘so I was listening to this podcast’…I’d totally be one of those old timey people sitting beside my 1930s radio with a glass of scotch and a knitting project, listening to weekly shows.

I have a particular soft spot for storytelling podcasts. They have this way of taking you on a journey along with the storyteller, and the stories are generally fascinating and a glimpse into someone else’s life. From their struggles, to their successes, their fears and their dilemmas. I get to hear how they handled things and made light (or dark) of a situation. One of the many storytelling gems I love is Snap Judgement.  It’s hosted by the outgoing and amazing storyteller himself Glynn Washington (*love him*) and it brings well-produced and interesting stories from all over the world week after week. It usually runs an hour long. I always feel uplifted at the end of the show (unlike some of my true crime picks, where I’m kind of paranoid afterward), because Glynn wraps up even the saddest stories with his positive perspective. The shows are mixed beautifully too, with music and sound woven in to enhance the energy of the story.  If you haven’t heard this yet, download an episode and give it a try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this instalment, and I look forward to sharing what’s next with you!