What I am looking at, watching, listening to and generally obsessing over this week. It’s what I can’t get enough of and could lead you to your next obsession as well!


Links of London: Rose Gold Vermeil Silk 10 Row Bracelet

I am a jewelry lover. I have collected pieces over the years that mean a lot to me and have received pieces as gifts that I cherish. When I published my book, I bought myself a David Yurman ring to celebrate! Yay! All that said, I am still working my way up to a Harry Winston solitaire…I’ll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, one of my very favorite brands for quality, gorgeous and timeless jewelry is Links of London. I have collected pieces from them over the years and still pick out their pieces from my jewelry box, sometimes years later, and wear them with pride. Every now and again, I’ll pop onto their website to find my latest obsession, and lately, I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous rose gold vermeil silk 10 row bracelet. See what I mean? It is so classic; dress it up or down, wear it now or in 10 years. Going on my vision board!


Glow, Season One: Netflix.

We had heard about it from a few people and decided after finishing Orange is the New Black we needed to watch something decidedly less serious. Chad is a MAJOR wrestling fan, and I thought it would be fun to watch an 80’s style show (clearly missing Stranger Things rn). While I found the season to be a bit slow moving, the characters became quickly endearing (even the main character, whom I actually felt was quite annoying at the beginning). Marc Maron plays the greasiest director and looks so perfectly 80’s creepy. It’s an easy watch and the first season tells a good story. Fun, funny at times, and sparks great conversation (what would MY wrestling persona be)? I’ll tune in for season 2.


Locked Up Abroad: Podcast

You know about my obsession about crime shows and podcasts, and this one is a badass podcast for sure. It tells stories of imprisonment from around the world in the first person. The storyteller takes you through their life before the crime, the crime itself and what imprisonment was like (and most exciting, what escape was like if they were that lucky). So far, I’ve heard 4 episodes. There’s great ancillary audio mixed into each episode, so at times you actually feel like you’re right in prison with the storyteller. Gripping!