A spritz on the wrist? That’s so department store.


There are better places to spray your perfume to make it last, and make sure you always get noticed. I was taught this trick by a very fancy French woman who ran a high-end perfume shop. I wrote the tips down and knew one day I’d get a chance to share them. The day has come. Now you can ooze chicness with this information – after all, it came from a very fancy lady.


1. Spray on your collarbone. That way, when you move your head, you can smell your perfume (it’s there for you, right?). Plus, the heat from your neck warms the perfume and keeps it going all day long

2. Spray it on the nape of your neck behind your hair, so you leave an unmistakable scent trail (she called it a French word that I’ve since forgotten, and made a dynamic move with her arms as she demonstrated a ‘scent trail’. It was very dramatic).

3. You don’t want to overspray perfume, so keep to two spritzes max. One in front and one in the back. If you really want to, you can spray your wrist in the pulse area, but I find this washes off easily throughout the day plus it can be overkill if you’re wearing it on your neck properly (too much perfume is never a good thing).

 You can also spray some into your hairbrush to distribute scent into your hair without ruining it from the alcohol in perfume, and spray your scarf or clothing with it to have a lingering scent. Don’t spray clothing too close though, you may stain clothing!

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