Your lips are a delicate, beautiful membrane and you want them to look plump, fresh and smooth. No one’s ever said, oooh, I want to kiss those Cornflake-looking dry, crackly lips before. No one. I’ve researched it 😁.

To keep lips in tip-top shape, especially if you love lipstick and kissing, here’s what to do.


you don’t need anything fancy. Either make a paste of two parts baking soda to one part water, mix together in your hand and apply to your lips. If you want to be a little more crafty and fun, make your exfoliant with equal parts while sugar and melted coconut oil. For extra pizzaz, add in a few dashes of your favourite essential oil. I like to do this before I do my makeup so that my lips look great a couple of times a week. Slather on the scrub, manage in well with your finger in a circular motion – it should take you about 60-90 seconds. Don’t press so hard that your lips feel raw; you should start to see your dead skin start to slough off. Gross and fun!


When you moisturize your lips, do so with pure product only. In my personal experience, shea butter has been incredible for me and by far the best solution to chapped lips I’ve found. I apply it a couple of times per day (instead of multiple times per day), usually after I eat in the morning and in the evening, or before bed, and mylips feel moisturized and smooth for hours.

Stay Hydrated

Another great way to keep your lips in great shape is to keep hydrated. Drinking more helps promote moisturized mouths and you won’t lick your lips as much. Lip licking dehydrates your lips and actually promotes dryness, cracking and flakiness. Go figure!

Is Lip Balm Addicting?

Well, according to studies and expert interviews, cited by (yes, it exists), lip balm is indeed totally addictive. Here are some of the issues with lip balms we know and love:

  • Flavoured lip balms encourage lip licking, which also leads to drier lips.
  • Lip balms can contain addictive additives such as menthol and camphor. These offer up a tingling sensation and are designed to kill bacteria, not soothe lips (wh-what??). They are too strong and actually don’t help chapped lips (if anything they’re too strong). They just create an addictive feedback loop for us. We like the tingle, we apply the balm. Our lips don’t get any more moisture, in fact, they get dehydrated and inflamed. They just crave the hit but still remain flaky
  • And what I find most interesting, is that the habit of using lip balm makes our lips kind of lazy, they don’t have to worry about keeping moisture in since we use a barrier to do it, so they get dry. You may have to go cold turkey before normalizing to allow your lips to re-learn how to stay moisturized on their own.

So do your lips a favour and change things up a bit. They’ll be soft, smooth and kissable before you know it!

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