Since starting a YouTube channel, I’ve been asked about how Chad and I met. Since the focus was always on cleaning and less on personal stories, I didn’t have the opportunity to share our story.

I recently posted a photo of Chad and I on Instagram ( it was one where we were giving each other dirty/silly looks but man, was it funny!) and I got asked several times about how we met. I happened to be at an event that evening and got home reasonably early, so I put the camera on and just told the story.

In it, I share my reasons for dating online (in 2006, it was pretty, pretty taboo), and some ‘interesting’ dating experiences, as well as some dating tips that I picked up and feel are pertinent (even in today’s swipe-obsessed world).

We ended up getting married in August, 2011. So much happened since that fateful day, June 9, 2006, the day we first met. I have so many more stories to tell about Chad and I, where do I even begin 😁? Wine (or tea, but probably wine) plz.

We are always joking around, being silly, and finding things to laugh about. I think our humour and ability to kid around has helped keep us stay married – especially when things get tough, as well as happy and sane – especially since we work together. Anyone who knows us well, knows that we’re a bunch of crazy foolios. And it works.

Had it not been for our online dating experience, I’m convinced there’s no way we would have met. So if you’re contemplating online dating, just dive in. You never know who you can meet (I mean, you can definitely meet creeps, but you can also meet your life partner).

I hope you enjoy the video and take something away from it. I’d love to know your online dating stories in the comments!