A woman never tells her age

Well, most don’t. I like to ask people to guess when they ask me. Usually, I’ll get a response somewhere in the mid-twenties. Of course, that totally, utterly makes my day. Then I’ll tell them my age and I get the same reaction: no! You are how old? I’ve been blessed with excellent genes. If you saw my parents, they both look years below their actual age and neither of them worked very hard to achieve that (hey, they did grow up in the 60s and 70s, no judging). My mom always says we came from good stock (great work on comparing family to cows, mom…).

While I’ve been genetically blessed with young skin (I should tell you about my acne journey one day), it doesn’t mean I am planning to rest on my laurels and let nature take over. As a claws-in control freak, I am going to do everything I can to preserve what youth I still have. So, here’s what I do, based on research and speaking to a lot of younger looking people than me, to keep my skin looking young. In another post, I’ll share my daily and occasional skincare routine with you, too.

Drink lots of water

Water – not juice, coffee, wine or soda. Water. Water hydrates skin (our largest organ). I am not going to waste your time with more information on this; it is universally known. Want good skin? Drink more water. I go for 3 litres a day.

Use protection

It is never OK to not have SPF protection on your face. Skin cancer bla bla bla. Scary doctor talk. You know this already. The sun also ages our skin immensely; and remember, a tan can be achieved with bronzer! Coco Rocha, the supermodel, never bares her skin in the sun. Have you seen this woman? She looks like Snow White (I mean, she’s super white because of the sun thing, but her skin is milky and glorious. Seriously, she looks 10).  It’s very, very easy to incorporate and you will not feel it (I’ll cover it off in my skincare routine post).

No smoking

Cigarettes age you from the inside out. There is a ton of research on this  and even the act of smoking – inhaling from a cigarette, ages your face. It requires you to purse your lips around a tiny little thing and suck your cheeks in, which causes a repeated action and that leads to all kinds of lines around your lips and cheeks. Nah.

Wash your face

Getting the dead skin cells off your face, along with the dirt, oil, and environmental build up your face has accumulated is very, very important. Oh, and makeup. If you wear makeup it must come off every night, otherwise it clogs your pores and leads to skin issues. Use something very gentle – we’re not teenagers anymore needing an act of god to dry our skin out from acne. The gentler the product, the less drying it will be on your skin, which is better for keeping you looking younger.

Sleep on silk

Silk pillowcases are magical. They keep you looking younger and keep your hair looking better. They’re soft, smooth and almost slippery, so they don’t pull on your skin the way a cotton pillowcase would. In fact, it is known by the anti-ageing obsessed that when you sleep on cotton pillowcases, you get lines pressed into your face from the wrinkling of the pillow all night long. They also allow your hair slide around while you move on your pillow at night, meaning you don’t wake up with bedhead or crunchy sections of hair. I have been sleeping on my silk pillowcases for about 5 years now, and I won’t go back.

Use the right products

If the person at the beauty counter is terrifying you with 323 different product options, that’s OK. It’s gonna happen and you just take time for yourself to regroup and not feeling pressured. Once a lady at a spa started telling me in a saccharine tone about all of my skin problems while I was getting a relaxing facial and was literally upselling me products as she was extracting blackheads from my nose 😡. This went on for 45 minutes. I left feeling bad. But beyond her anti-aging serum, there was some truth serum; I needed better skincare products. So, I had someone else do an assessment on my skin, and of course they told me about dozens of products I’d need to not look like a terrifying witch in 18 months’ time, too. But after that assessment, I went home and fact-checked what I was told, and read a bunch of ratings and information online about the (expensive) recommended products. Eventually, I ended up with a brand that I adore and products that are simply wonderful for my skin (to come in my skincare routine!).


Keeping moisture in yo’ face is very important. Very. Without it, your skin makes like a raisin. Just look at your hands at 11 AM on a winter’s day. They’re lizard-like sheets of sandpaper (I moisturize my hands almost obsessively during the winter and even still, my hands feel dry at times). Your face is equally as thirsty and you’ve got to give it what it needs so it doesn’t look parched. Use a heavier moisturizer in the winter than you would in the summer. Apply immediately after washing your face, and if you are going to wear makeup and you have combination or oily skin, apply a dusting of translucent powder over your moisturizer to help it set and to keep the rest of your makeup on for the duration of the day.


Dry, dead skin clogs up your face and makes everything feel more textured and thick. That alone makes you look less-than-fresh faced. There are a few things you can do to keep skin looking youthful and gorgeous, and exfoliation helps bring vibrancy and smoothness back to your face. Do it – it’s kind of addicting. You can use a fancy product but at times, I’ll exfoliate with nothing more than baking soda in the shower. It’s easy and effective.

These are eight of many ways you can keep your skin looking and feeling younger. I hope you try them out. What do you do to keep your skin looking young?