Summer has officially arrived. As a Canadian (who constantly sees signs advertising our 97’ days of summer) this is a very big deal. So we have to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

One of my favorite things about warm weather is the clothing. I love wearing light, breezy and fun outfits in the summer and each year comes with a new set of fashion trends. But I don’t tend to spend a lot on my summer wardrobe – like I said, the warm weather doesn’t last long – instead I have a few staple pieces that I can mix and match, and then I’ll splurge on one or two trendy items for the season. I’ve narrowed it down to seven summer staples that I pull to the front of my closet when the weather starts to warm up. Check them out below and maybe they will inspire you to #treatyourself to some trendy items as well.

Denim Shorts

Jean shorts are of course a summer staple. I bought these up on a trip to California (where its summer all year round, and yes I’m jealous) and wore them as often as socially acceptable for the rest of my trip. If you have a pair of jeans that have one too many holes in them, and the holes aren’t cute anymore, try to make your own cut offs!

denim shirt and dress

Oversized Button Up

A classic oversized button up shirt can go a long way in the summer. I’ll wear it with jean shorts and sneakers for a casual day, or even as a bathing suit cover up at the beach. It’s an item almost every girl has, so pull it to the front of your closet this summer, or pick one up at Target like I did, and put it to good use.

summer shoes

Comfy Sneakers

All white sneakers are everywhere this year. Actually, they were everywhere last year, too…I just hadn’t gotten the memo yet. Now, the memo has been received and stamped and I am all in! They are ultra comfortable. Being able to wear running shoes all day is basically a dream come true for me. They pair easily with denim shorts, or skirts, or jeans or dresses… need I go on? If you are worried about keeping them white and fresh, don’t worry; I made a video on that.


 I never thought I would be a Birk girl. I had a fake pair that my mom bought me for summer camp and they were cool at the time, but after that, I hadn’t given them a second look. While tons of people own them, I always wore flip-flops or trendier, strappy sandals. But the thing is, once again, they are so comfortable. You can wear them to a BBQ or the beach and there won’t be a blister in sight. They also last a heck of a long time, so they are worth the investment.

High Heeled Peep Toe Booties

Having a fun pair of summer heels means you can dress up any outfit. I throw them on with jeans or my maxi dress and I’m ready for a nice dinner out. Booties are versatile enough to wear in the spring or fall as well, so investing in a good pair is worth it. One thing to note is that they don’t feel as great as they look, so I definitely reserve them for special occasions only!

Maxi Dress

My black high-low maxi dress started out as a trendy item, but has become a staple in my wardrobe. It’s the LBD that can go from day to night. I’ll wear it with my sneakers and oversized button up shirt for shopping in the day, and then switch to heels and wear it for evening drinks. It’s versatile, breathable, and easy to care for, I love it.

Melissa Maker in Sunglasses


Everyone needs a good pair of sunnies for the summer. This is one staple that I decided to take a risk on. These sunglasses from Warby Parker are bolder than my usual taste, but I like that they stand out and add flare to my summer outfits (and I always get compliments on them). Whether it’s sunglasses, a hat, or a fun purse, try taking a risk on one staple item this summer and it just might pay off.

bathing suit cover up and straw hatBathing Suit Cover Up  

*Thankfully* many summer days are spent lounging by the pool or on the beach, when I’m not working, and can score a poolside invite ;). Any takers? That’s why I have one good bathing suit cover up I can always go back to. An oversized shirt can also work, but I really like having this one that dries quickly and covers up just enough. I can easily throw it into my bag along with a bathing suit so that I’m ready for a cottage weekend at a moment’s notice.

I hope these staple items gave you a little inspo for your summer wardrobe. The best part of all of these items is that they can be worn with each other in different combinations. If I’m packing for a weekend away they are the basis of what I will take with me, because as long as I have these seven items, I’m set for any summer adventure. If you want to see more curated style, check out my Pinterest – and follow me so I can check out your board as well!